Transformers: Dark of the Moon

Transformers 3 revolves on the story of man’s first step on the moon. With the United States fronting that they are the first one to reach it, they actually had another confidential mission involving the dark surface of the moon. That discovery was then found out to be an important part of the Decepticons and Autobots battle in their own planet, Cybertron. So eventually, it became a battle between man and machine with the Autobots in the middle of the war.

Looking at human capabilities and machine sizes and strengths, it was already a biased battle. And this movie did show how destructive these creatures can be to humans. Crushing, throwing huge stuffs and blasting off buildings is a great deal to small beings as us. But in this movie, they actually depicted that humans are intelligent beings. Still, they could not win a war without help of a larger and stronger allies.

If you’ve watched the first two installment of this project where some Autobots died in the battles, this is another sequel you can expect to have that same scenario. And then there are new characters, one to note is Sentinel Prime, an Autobot higher than Optimus Prime before he fell on the moon’s surface. On the other side, after Megan Fox was fired, came Shia’s new love interest Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. There are substantial difference between the two that started criticisms with the viewers. And yes, I should say Megan Fox had made a benchmark from the first two installment and that this new Victoria secret model still had a lot of working to do to beat that.

For most of the viewers of Transformers, a lot of suspense action is what we usually paid for. Plus, if you see it in 3D, it should be worth the two and a half hour time watching the movie. Though I should say I did had some sleepy time during the action sequences. That maybe because they had structured it alternately, with having actions the first part then conversations and just running/strategizing the next part. And the sequence goes on until you came uninterested on the next best things that can happen.

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Yakimix at Greenbelt

Yakimix is a Japanese restaurant known for their sushis and smokeless grills. For the price of Php580, customers can enjoy their eat-all-you-can buffet of sushis, ready to cook meats, seafoods and vegetables, a variety of rice mixes and viands and different kinds of desserts.

With the growing popularity of this restaurant, me and my officemates checkout the branch in Greenbelt 3 Makati. Just to be sure we’re going to get seats right away, we made the reservation and went to the place at 5:30pm. That’s when the receptionist calls out the customers and welcomes every group with “Irrashaimase!” (on this instance, means welcome).

They have a wide variety of sushi. I’m not really a fan but I tried to have some, especially those with cooked meats and less raw one.

Another section they have is the uncooked stuffs. They offer pork, beef and chicken with different marinades/sauce, seafood such as squid, shrimp and fish, and some vegetables like broccoli, mushroom and corn. When you get across the table, you’ll have choices of cooked rice and viands. Most of them are japanese dishes, though I’m not familiar with the names.

Lastly, they have the dessert section, which includes ice cream with different sprinkles/toppings, cupcakes, gelatines, and icing cakes. If you want to enjoy this part, you should reserve some space in your stomach. Most of us only get samples of what we like. We didn’t want to pay Php699 for the leftovers. We did had leftovers though, but luckily we’re not charged for them.

Drink-all-you-can are also available for the price of Php65. Selections are coke products, red tea, mango juice, blue lemonade as far as I remembered. Plus you can change your selection during refills.

*Photos courtesy of my officemates.

Yamaha Run for Heroes

I was a 5k runner ever since I started joining fun runs. But when I was strucked by ITBS (Illiotibial Band Syndrome), a common injury due to running, I tried to recover slowly starting with the 3k category. So my first one is in the Yamaha Run for Heroes.

It’s one of the RunRio organized event and these guys are highly trusted by runners to always have a well organized and fun occasion. So I encouraged my sister to have her first run on this event.

We registered at Planet Sports Glorietta 3 for a Php500 fee on the 3k category. It’s a good thing that their registration booths are highly accessible from our place. The singlets are not available at the time we registered so we came back after a week to get them. I remembered I was supposed to register on this event two weeks earlier, but I was disappointed with the sample singlets. But then, I pursued the same thinking its not always the singlet that matters, it’s still RunRio organizing so I don’t have anything to worry. The New Balance singlet was not bad at all when we received them.

The day of the event, we woke up around 3:30am in the morning, took a bath (I usually do that since I always got a bad hair from bed) and grab on a slice of bread with peanut butter. I don’t really load up before my runs. We came at the 7th street in Bonifacio Global City near the starting line at 4:35am. The assembly time for our category is 5:00am so we’re a lot early for our call time. We decided to go around the area, deposit our things first in the baggage area, and catch a glimpse on the Motorshow. My sister and I are not bike fans so we just go along and took some pictures of the motorcycle while waiting for our chance on the running lane.

We did some warm-ups/stretching afterwards, jogged a little and watched the 21k and 10k gun start. We proceed on the starting area after the 10k runners started running. After the 5k runners left off, we were guided on the official starting line and had some warm-ups led by some people from Fitness First. It was a tiring warm-up I was a little stressed on starting my run right away.

Gun start begun at exactly 6:00am with the sun already up. The weather was great for running, not too hot and no rain on that day.

Since I was always on the 5k category, I thought on jogging straight on my first 3k but still keeping pace with my sister who do walk and jog on her first fun run. I did two stops though, in the water station and one instance a motorcycle tries to block our way to cross the street. It was still a first for me and yes, I finished my 3k.

After crossing the finish line, we picked up our finisher’s kit (Yamaha bag with Unilab sample medicines, a cap and a tuna) and our drinks (bottled water and powerade). We bumped into two celebrities, Will Devaughn and Rovilson Fernandez. But we didn’t have a chance to took some pictures with them since they look too tired to entertain a lot of people who loves taking celebrity photos. So I just had some shots while they are entertaining other runners.

We go around checking on freebies from the event sponsors. We did got Nature Valley bars but passed on the Kelloggs and Century Tuna line. The raffle draw, we assumed, would start far later so we decided to eat out and go home.

Acuatico Beach Resort

I had the chance to spend some of my time away from work in Acuatico Beach Resort located at Laiya, San Juan Batangas.

Being one of the most expensive resort in the stretch of Laiya beach, me and my friend availed of the day tour package just to get a feel of what Acuatico has to offer. The price was Php2,625 per person. The cost includes a cabana where we can stay for the day, usage of the infinity pool, lunch and PM snacks and free use of the pedal boat and kayak.

We didn’t have a chance to experience the room accommodations but they look absolutely nice. The cabanas where we stayed are more of an open shed with table and chairs. It’s a good thing they have security persons within the vicinity all the time so we usually leave our things there.

For the food, they have set lunch and snacks. So you don’t have a chance to choose. And we didn’t ask if we can request the specific food we want in advance or during the reservation. It will be a downside if you have allergies to certain food. Lunch was served with soup, the main course and dessert. We had sandwich and chips for snacks. Both include a glass of drink.

Kayak and pedal boat usage don’t have time limits, I believe, as long as there are no other visitors in line. And we did enjoy the rides with the help of their very accommodating security and lifeguards.

Acuatico is the only resort in the beach stretch with infinity pool. So I didn’t miss the opportunity to experience it. The pool starts at the jacuzzi in front of the restaurant. And then it runs through the 3 feet pool connecting to the 4 feet. The best part is the 5 feet where the infinity pool ends and its the biggest part also.

I had a great time also at the floating bar. It’s located at the 3 feet and 4 feet side of the infinity pool.

For more information, you can visit the resort’s website