Yakimix at Greenbelt

Yakimix is a Japanese restaurant known for their sushis and smokeless grills. For the price of Php580, customers can enjoy their eat-all-you-can buffet of sushis, ready to cook meats, seafoods and vegetables, a variety of rice mixes and viands and different kinds of desserts.

With the growing popularity of this restaurant, me and my officemates checkout the branch in Greenbelt 3 Makati. Just to be sure we’re going to get seats right away, we made the reservation and went to the place at 5:30pm. That’s when the receptionist calls out the customers and welcomes every group with “Irrashaimase!” (on this instance, means welcome).

They have a wide variety of sushi. I’m not really a fan but I tried to have some, especially those with cooked meats and less raw one.

Another section they have is the uncooked stuffs. They offer pork, beef and chicken with different marinades/sauce, seafood such as squid, shrimp and fish, and some vegetables like broccoli, mushroom and corn. When you get across the table, you’ll have choices of cooked rice and viands. Most of them are japanese dishes, though I’m not familiar with the names.

Lastly, they have the dessert section, which includes ice cream with different sprinkles/toppings, cupcakes, gelatines, and icing cakes. If you want to enjoy this part, you should reserve some space in your stomach. Most of us only get samples of what we like. We didn’t want to pay Php699 for the leftovers. We did had leftovers though, but luckily we’re not charged for them.

Drink-all-you-can are also available for the price of Php65. Selections are coke products, red tea, mango juice, blue lemonade as far as I remembered. Plus you can change your selection during refills.

*Photos courtesy of my officemates.


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