Transformers: Dark of the Moon

Transformers 3 revolves on the story of man’s first step on the moon. With the United States fronting that they are the first one to reach it, they actually had another confidential mission involving the dark surface of the moon. That discovery was then found out to be an important part of the Decepticons and Autobots battle in their own planet, Cybertron. So eventually, it became a battle between man and machine with the Autobots in the middle of the war.

Looking at human capabilities and machine sizes and strengths, it was already a biased battle. And this movie did show how destructive these creatures can be to humans. Crushing, throwing huge stuffs and blasting off buildings is a great deal to small beings as us. But in this movie, they actually depicted that humans are intelligent beings. Still, they could not win a war without help of a larger and stronger allies.

If you’ve watched the first two installment of this project where some Autobots died in the battles, this is another sequel you can expect to have that same scenario. And then there are new characters, one to note is Sentinel Prime, an Autobot higher than Optimus Prime before he fell on the moon’s surface. On the other side, after Megan Fox was fired, came Shia’s new love interest Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. There are substantial difference between the two that started criticisms with the viewers. And yes, I should say Megan Fox had made a benchmark from the first two installment and that this new Victoria secret model still had a lot of working to do to beat that.

For most of the viewers of Transformers, a lot of suspense action is what we usually paid for. Plus, if you see it in 3D, it should be worth the two and a half hour time watching the movie. Though I should say I did had some sleepy time during the action sequences. That maybe because they had structured it alternately, with having actions the first part then conversations and just running/strategizing the next part. And the sequence goes on until you came uninterested on the next best things that can happen.

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