I have been a fan of tea… from teabags sold in grocery stores, house teas served in restaurants to commercial teas in coffee shops. And then I found out about Chatime. Curious about what a bunch of people in the bridge way between Landmark and Glorietta in Makati is lining up plus recommendations from my friends, I got to taste my first Chatime milk tea.

I ordered Pearl Milk Tea to start with. It’s their standard milk tea with large pearls, or what we call “sago” in Filipino. And yes, it tastes great. I just had a problem chewing all the pearls with my teeth full of brackets. So the next time I ordered, I had their Chatime Roasted Milk Tea without any toppings. After that, I craved for more.

Thinking I might as well add variety to my tea without any problems on my chewing, I had Chatime Grass Jelly Milk Tea. The good thing about Chatime’s drink toppings are they give generous amount of it per cup. So you’ll never run out until your last sip. The last one I had was the Taro Milk Tea. I had some research done on this one, looking for highly recommended drinks in Chatime. Though you can call me a non-fan of this drink because it didn’t satisfied my taste buds.

So what do I love about Chatime? I think I would never replace their Roasted Milk Tea, even with any Starbucks drink. And yes, Starbucks now comes second to my favorite drinks. One unique thing when ordering in Chatime is their electronic customer number. Once your drinks are available in the counter, it would light up and buzz. This would avoid non-listening customers from delays on getting their drinks and would easily clear up the counters. Especially now that Chatime had been a place for a lot of tea and non-tea drinkers.

The next thing I have in mind is to try other tea mixes. And I just found out that they have a branch in Pioneer Center with a very cozy lounge. I would have to visit it one of these days.


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