Unilab Run United 2 2011

I’m not sure if I’m excited to run again with thousands of fellow runners or it’s just my habit to come early on the event assembly area everytime I attend one. Of course, a morning person as I am I went out before 4am and arrived at 7th Avenue of Bonifacio Global City by 4:15am.

The whole place is still dark and the streets don’t have a lot of people yet. The first thing I did was to set all my gears including my race bib, armband for my phone and deposit the rest of my things in the baggage counter for 5k category. For my timing card, I had it fastened already on my shoes. It’s the first time I’ll be using the Runrio Sports Card, it’s a reusable timing card that comes free with the registration of Rexona Run and Unilab Run. Eventually, for the next events that will be organized by Runrio, the timing chip will already cost Php300. That’s why for runners who registered on those fun runs, it should be worth the money you paid and more.

I did joined the first Unilab run last March and I finished my 5k in 38mins. This time, I’m again running in the 5k category and I should say it’s a lot longer for me to finish, like 45 mins upon checking on the latest results. Results are available at http://results.bazumedia.com/event/results/event/ru22011.

After the run, we went straight to the finisher’s area. 5k finishers get to take home a nice small duffle bag with Unilab Active Health water bottle, a box of milk (either Athena or Actiboost), a box of lemon iced tea sachets, PH Care, and other Unilab sample products like antihistamines and vitamins. Free drinks include powerade and mineral water. The other categories such as 10k and 21k have more freebies, and I think they earn it by running more. Maybe I should try those categories also when I’m ready.

The thing I didn’t got to see on this event is the main program, Coach Rio’s speech, warm up, the 5k route video and the first wave gun start. But based on what I’m hearing from where I stand, they had it organized accordingly. Great job and keep on doing more good runs for the Filipino runners!


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