Nike We Run Manila 10K 2011

Nike We Run Manila 2011 is my first 10k run and my first night run. I didn’t get excited on the fact that I will run longer this time, but I was looking forward on wearing the best dri-fit shirt I got from any fun run. For a fee of Php650, I have the we run manila bag, a nike shirt (must have an estimated cost of Php850) and a nike tumbler that costs Php335 (I just checked from one nike stadium store.).


On a saturday afternoon, I made my way to BGC riding a cab because I don’t want to get the stress of commuting on a hot day. I’m not familiar with the street numbers at high street so I mistakenly get off near Serendra where another event was held. It was really deceiving seeing other runners roving around the area. So I had to ask a security guard where 34th street is located. Turned out it was two stop lights far. Knowing that my running buddy is waiting around the Nike village area, I walked fast to the event place. Great thing he was just standing by the entrance and tall enough for me to see him.


First stop, I had to deposit my things in the baggage counter. The counters have terminal numbers which we need to remember to claim our baggage after our run. It’s still hot at 4:15pm in the afternoon, I was worried we’ll get burned so we stop in a tent near the starting lane. But after a while around 4:30pm, organizers requested all runners to get on the lane and get ready. We stayed there under the rays of the afternoon sun for like 20mins until the warm up begun. Good thing I was small enough to take shade on taller and bigger guys. We’re not able to do all the warm up stuff due to space limitations so most of the time we just jog or jump or stretch.


I setup my Nike+ before the countdown begins. 10 seconds and we’re off to my first 10k run. The programme said there will be water stations for every 2km but it’s a great thing that they have actually more stations. I know I’m a little sluggish that day, having a drink a night before and sleeping only 6 hours have been a struggle. Still, I maintained my energy by not pushing myself harder because I’m afraid I might get dizzy in the middle of the run if I push harder. And thanks to my running buddy for being patient on my slow pacing. It was really a run and walk day for us. At 6pm, we’re on the 6km spot. And it seems that the darkness is already taking place. Every now and then, we’re checking our clocks knowing that we only have 2 and a half hour to finish the race. Luckily, we finish the race early. Checking on my Nike+ Ipod, we finished 1 hour and 25 mins. Not bad for our first time.


After crossing the finish line, we get straight to the finisher kit claiming area. We are excited with the freebies they’ll be giving. We got 1 bottled water and 1 Powerade. Went straight to another station and got a poster and an envelope. Runners are really looking forward for the USB thumb drive and everyone is asking for it. All the staff said we should check on the message from the envelope. And so we did. We found out that there are delays in production of the surprise award and they will just contact us for the delivery of the stuff.


We decided to get our baggages and get ready to go. A lot of runners are already lined up, or I should say getting crowded on the baggage area. We tried to searched for the terminal numbers where we left our bags. In front of me was a guy who really looks irritated because the baggage persons are getting a hard time searching for his stuff (the black sierra bag with a reflector lining??? where did that stuff go?). After some time I was already asked by the girl who’s checking the list of bib numbers. I said my number and describe the nike black bag with orange handle. Thank goodness it was right in front of her. I went out of the crowd and checked my phone. My running buddy was already waiting outside the nike area.


We decided to change clothes to freshen up. Another struggle to pass through the baggage area street and made it to the changing tents. Coming in through the changing area, I was surprise to see four tables inside and some chairs. This is the first time I was able to enter this kind of stuff. So I though I’m just gonna change my shirt and I’m off. Other girls we’re just sitting there and somewhat having their rest or something. It’s getting crowded so I get out and see my buddy standing outside.

The programme still includes performances from different bands such as Chicosci, Sandwich and Parokya ni Edgar. I was thinking it would be a fun party but feeling so tired will not be worth it. We end up going home. Thanks to Nike for giving an event like this. Looking forward for another one from them. 🙂


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