How to Make the Best of your Amazon Online Shopping

I am not a fan of online shopping. If I can buy the items from a nearby store, I will do it. I always want to see and try the items first before I can purchase it. But there are a lot of times I need to go online, either because the items are not available from the stores or I want to save myself from carrying heavy packages home.

At least once we bought something from Amazon that we are excited about but turns out its not what we want or perceive to be. Or we waited longer than the expected time of delivery. It’s frustrating, right? So I list down some tips here on how you can make the most out of your online shopping experience, specifically in Amazon.

  • Read Product Reviews and Ratings. It’s not just looking how many stars the item has on the average. It’s also checking how many people did the review and what they can say about the product. Reading the ones who actually gave lower stars can help set your expectation. Did a number of people say the same negative or positive things about the product?
  • Read or Post Questions. If you want to know more on the product, you can actually post a question in Amazon. You can also browse the questions posted by other buyers that might be related to your inquiry. That will be faster than waiting for a response from sellers.
  • Getting a Shorter Delivery Lead Time. The easiest way to avail of faster delivery time is by becoming a Prime member, which costs $99 per year. I wouldn’t advice that though. There is actually a trial period of 30 days that you can avail of, especially if you are planning to purchase a number of items. It will be worth it. Just make sure to cancel your membership within the 30 days so you don’t get charge.
  • Another way that you can get a shorter delivery time is by selecting a seller that does so. When we search an item in Amazon, it automatically selects a specific seller for us. I’m guessing it’s usually the seller that has the lowest cost. If you can’t wait for your item to arrive after 3 weeks or so, you can actually check the list of sellers available and choose the one that has the shortest or acceptable delivery lead time. The downside on this is that the item may costs more dollars. If you are willing to risks a few dollars for a shorter delivery then that’s the option for you.
  • Check Sellers Ratings. It’s not just the products that matter here. If you read product reviews, buyers have different point of views. One who receives a defective product and one that gave 5 star rating for a well-packaged product. If the product has multiple sellers, then maybe they got their items from different ones. So it is also important to check the reviews for sellers you plan to purchase your item from.
  • Send a Review. So your item arrived. You may be satisfied or not. Either way, send a review. It will save another person’s time and money, and they may be your friends. And to encourage you more, there are sellers who offer gift cards when you do a review. That can save you some bucks on your next purchase.

Enjoy shopping!!! Post your online shopping tips as well. 🙂


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