My Top 5 Phone Apps

10% – that’s the percentage of phone apps I use on a regular basis. I guess most people are guilty of the same. That part when you download one and you don’t want to remove it because you think you might be able to use in the future. Though I’m pretty organize having only two pages of apps so thank you for folders, keeps me sane. 🙂

I usually mention great phone apps to my friends whenever I come along some cool stuff and helpful functionalities. So for those who missed my spills and those interested to know what other interesting apps I’ve been using, here goes…

For organizing finances

  1. Splitwise. You will realize spreadsheets are so ancient once you use this app. If you share bills with friends, family or coworkers this is splitwisethe best app to keep track and manage them. Anyone can log expenses that they paid for the group. It can compute shares equally, certain amount or percentages. You don’t need to wait for someone to get to a computer to plot all your expenses in an excel and figure out who owes who. With this app, you don’t have to worry who’s going to pay the bill. You may be able to take turns paying so you can just easily offset your balances.

For earning points that converts to dollars


  1. Bing. This is the Microsoft version of Google search. The great thing
    about this app is you can earn points by just searching on your phone. If you maximize your searches and rewardable activities every day, you may be able to earn up to $10 gift card in a month.
  1. Walgreens. It’s basically a reward card, the more you shop the more points you get. walgreensThe points you earn are converted to dollar rewards once you reached certain balances. The app also offers coupons that you can clip to your card for discounts and some can multiply your points for every dollar spend. And if you think you’re not getting enough points, Walgreens will add points if you connect your exercise trackers and log activities every day. I guess that’s their commitment to consumers for being healthy.

Get rewards for being healthy


  1. AlwaysOn Wellness. This is actually an app associated with my insurance. Most insurance companies already offer mobile versions of their consumer portals and offer rewards to people taking preventive steps for their health. Activities that earn points can be taking health assessments, completing specific health courses, tracking biometrics, connecting fitness devices, and logging everyday activity steps. Before the year end, I was able to gather points equivalent to a new apple TV or Beats wireless headphones. Its one great way to reward yourself after a year of being healthy.

For organizing and saving on your shopping list

  1. Target. Know all the discount promotion before you actually go to the store. This is a targetuseful app if you frequently shop in Target. You can create your shopping list in the app. It will provide you any savings they may be offering for the item you listed and also gives information on which section of the store you can find them. It can be connected to a separate Cartwheel app where you can clip additional savings. It will give you a reusable barcode you can use during checkout to avail of all savings you have clipped in Cartwheel.

Enjoy! 🙂


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